"the pet survival and travel pack"

Check our shopping cart for all our pet survival and travel products.  Including carriers, water bottles and first-aid kits.

We now have a PET-PAC Starter Pack. Great for travel, with lots of room for all the things your pet needs for a trip for the weekend, camping or to start your survival pack. Let us help you help your pet.


Premium Dog Pack 

      Small Dog Pet-Pac     (under 15 pounds) - $69.99

      Medium Dog Pet-Pac    (16 lbs to 35 lbs) - $72.99 

      Large Dog Pet-Pac      (36 lbs to 65 lbs)  - $74.99


*Premium Dog Packs include:

  • Canned dog food
  • Can Opener 
  • Bowl
  • Travel Bowl
  • Emergency water
  • Brush
  • Small First Aid kit
  • Pet First Aid Handbook
  • Shovel
  • Potty Bags
  • clean up gloves
  • Emergency Collar
  • Emergency Leash
  • Toys
  • Can Cover for food & spoons
  • Chew Sticks
  • 2 - 8 Hour Emergency Glow Sticks
  • Sleeping Pad
  • PET-PAC duffle Bag


Premium Cat Pack

Cat Pet-Pac -Includes portable litter box and carrier -$89.99 

*Premium Cat Packs Includes:

  • 4 cans of cat food
  • Can cover
  • Cat Carrier 
  • Emergency water
  • Bowl
  • Small first aid kit
  • First aid handbook
  • 2-8 hour glow sticks
  • Emergency collar
  • Folding travel litter box
  • Litter box liners
  • Litter Scoop
  • Clean up gloves
  • Toys
  • PET-PAC duffel bag

You just add your favorite kitty litter

It all comes in this great Duffle

Dog & Cat Packs Price Plus Shipping



Small - $69.99

Medium -$74.99

Large - $79.99

Back Pack Price plus shipping


Water Rovers TM 

Water Rovers are prefect for pet outings, and pet travel. Take Water Rover™ along whenever you and your pet leave home – walks, jogs, picnics, trips to the beach, road trips, vacations.

Small -     $9.99

Regular - $11.99

Medium - $14.99

Large -    $19.99

                        Water Roverstm


New Static Cling Pet Rescue Decals

Write in the number of animals you have and put the decal on a window so that emergency responders know to rescue your pets in case of earthquake, fire or flood.

Pet Rescue Decal - Includes two decals per package - $2.99

 Suggested items to add on your own to your PET-PAC pack:           

 Veterinary contact info

       Medical History and any medical conditions

     Kit for medications or pills your pet requires

  A supply of supplements your pet usually receives

   Protective gear such as doggie sweater, coat, booties

   Extras of your pet’s favorite toys

 Family/friend contact info

     A supply of your pet’s personal favorite treats

Cat Litter 


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*Note items shown in photos may vary, but equivalent or better items are used when they are not available from suppliers. Some items (with expiration dates) will need to be replaced once the expiration date has been reached by buyer or product owner.

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