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Each day we come closer to having a major earthquake in California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington or Middle America.

Click HERE to see current earthquakes in California.

Wild fires in Cailfornia are an ongoing issue for many parts of the state.

Hurricanes are another concern for many of us in states along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.  

Click HERE for the lastest information from the National Hurricane Center.



Every household should be prepared. Is YOURS?

Global media coverage of Hurricane Katrina’s savagery and the Southern California wildfires revealed to millions upon millions a dire need. Who can forget the unimaginable images of dedicated pet lovers forced to leave behind their animals in order to evacuate by order of government agencies? And even those who were able to bring their pets with them, were in many cases unprepared to sustain their pet’s existence for long. If we learned anything in the last years about major emergencies, we can not count on government agencies to come to our aid for days when a major emergency strikes. It is up to each of us to be prepared for our family's safety which includes our animals.

The tragic aftermath of Katrina, and the animals left behind, proved that we ALL need to be prepared for emergencies. Not just for ourselves, but also for the animals we love. Sadly, we learned from Katrina that our Government’s agencies are unable to help us for days after a major emergency.

When home owners evacuate their homes they gather papers, photos and other personal items in a manner of minutes.  Our pets are our responsibility and it is up to us to prepare and help our animals when the need occurs. A PET-PAC will allow you a single location for all the items needed for upto four days.

The United States is continually struck with emergencies that cause evacuations of homes with pets. Every state has the potential for a major regional emergency.

  • Hurricanes              
  • Earthquakes
  • Terrorist acts
  • Tornadoes
  • Wild fires
  • Floods
  • Ice storms
  • Blizzards
  • Long power outages

PET-PAC will reduce or eliminate many emergency preparation planning steps critical in providing for your four-legged family members in the aftermath of catastrophic events.

Don’t put it off ‘till tomorrow. Order a PET-PAC survival pack for your pet today. Peace of mind during chaos for you and your loved ones.

It’s more than a good thing. It’s peace of mind.

PET-PAC is also great for travel!

* Doggy Daycare * Overnight trips  * Camping * Sleep overs at Grandma’s!

Please put your own pack together, or see if our packs will work for your pet's needs. Check our shopping cart for all our pet travel products


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